Calgary Holistic Dog Grooming

Your Dog Will Howl for Our Dog Groomer Calgary

When it comes to a dog groomer, Calgary offers its citizens various options ranging from the traditional to the holistic. And while we feel that our fellow groomers have a lot to offer, we would like to provide you and your pet with a holistic alternative to typical dog grooming services, treatments and techniques. Our philosophy here at MacGregor Canine Salon is that a holistic approach to pet care and grooming creates a happier, less anxious, and healthier pet. MacGregor Canine Salon promotes a stress-free approach to grooming. We use gentle, all-natural products; stress-free Calgary dog grooming approaches, as well as promoting lifestyle and healthy choices for your pet. It is our hope that not only will our salon be the place you bring your pet for grooming, but that we can also be a source of information for all of our clients who want to know more about natural dog care.

Your dog is more than just a family friend. He or she is part of an incredible species with primal instincts and needs that are endowed by natural dog training and techniques. Dogs do not respond to the unnatural buzz, whirr, and heat of dryers, nor do they understand or feel "safe" with the all-day approach to grooming. We understand the importance of building a relationship of mutual respect with your pet, and will always do our best to create not only a stress-free environment for him or her, but an enjoyable one, as well.

Your All-Natural Grooming Salon!

MacGregor Canine Salon uses only biodegradable and cruelty free shampoos on your pet. Our years of research has led us to believe that what goes on your pet is just as important as what you put into the pet. Skin is the largest organ on the body. It can absorb 60% of what you put on it. Therefore, we refuse to use harsh chemicals that can cause build-up and long-term harm to your beloved friend.

We want to be more than just a "grooming salon". We want to be a resource of information, exceptional products, and support. From time to time, we will endorse products or services, like handstripping, that we feel can be of benefit to you and your furry friend. Please check out our webpage describing Leba and Leba III, an incredible doggy dental product. We work closely with others in the holistic canine pet sphere to provide you with the best of what's available in natural pet grooming and care. Our passion for pets, our love of animals has led us down this philosophical path of holistic care. We look forward to helping you discover all that the dog grooming in Calgary holistic approach can offer, and if you so desire, we also offer a service of pet portraits by photos that are playful and whimsical, you will certainly enjoy! Is is time for you and your dog to try holistic dog grooming Calgary? If so, our grooming salon welcomes you.