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We are a small business web design company that brings together big talent. Our team of creative and versatile professionals offer years of experience in web and graphic design, brand development, linguistics, search engine optimization and programming.

For over 13 years, Adam Myhre and the team at have been building beautiful, handcrafted websites for companies all around the world. Named undergalaxie for the first small office in the tiny basement of the Galaxie Diner in Calgary, the company has now grown to develop projects and contract employees around the world.

With a passion for web standards and pixel-perfect design, the company steadily grew into what it is today: a team of expert developers and promoters that have helped dozens of companies succeed in their internet business ventures.

Our clients range from large corporations to boutique sites with unique ideas.

We have sucessfully built and promoted sites not only in Canada, but also in Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, Costa Rica, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, and Laos. And the list is still growing. Our team of experts include native speakers of english, norwegian, danish, swedish, icelandic, french, spanish, japanese, german, laotian, thai, tagalog and fluency in many other languages.

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No problem - we've heard it a thousand times. The boys in the sweater vests will go to bat for you, no matter what the issue may be.
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English, Norwegian, Danish, French and German

Adam – Principal

The principal of has been developing successful websites for over 13 years. He has been employed by financial institutions in Canada as a consultant on internet marketing, security and standards. He belives in site semantics and web standards, analytics and code engineering, and he's an SEO expert as well. He's the person to talk to about new projects.
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English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, German, French and Spanish

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