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Bergen Utlendingsseksjonen

Registration with the police in Bergen

René pointed something out to me last night that I had no idea about. While it is mandatory for new permit holders to register with the police when they arrive, I did not know that the office that handles these things is only open during certain times. When he was in Oslo, they were only open one day per week. So, I looked it up. Good info for anyone else wanting to move here.

Bergen Utlendingsseksjonen

Visiting address: Allehelgensgate 6.

Telefon 55 55 63 00

Venterommet er ope frå kl. 08:00 måndag, onsdag og torsdag. Du kan ringe utlendingsseksjonen tysdag og fredag mellom kl. 09:00 og 14:45.


Updated Aug 7, 2012

Well, I learned a few things from doing this in person…

utlendingsseksjonen 300x224 Bergen Utlendingsseksjonen

Arrive at the police station no later than 8am. It doesn’t actually open until 9am, but you can get a number for the queue at 8. Go around the back side of the station, this is where the immigration door is (see photo). There are signs around the station – the place you want is called Utlendingsseksjonen (Immigration office). There are 2 types of queues here… one is for people like me who already have an approved visa. You will want to take a number from the ticket dispenser just inside the door. This queue is labeled Pass/Photo/Stickers and has a green button on the ticket machine. The other queue is for people already living inside Norway who are making NEW applications. It has a red button and is labeled Applications. Don’t use that one unless you actually are making a new application.

The Pass/Photo/Sticker numbers start at 1, and the other queue starts at 500 – the numbers come up on the same screen, so don’t be confused by that. If it’s showing #524, that has no bearing on your queue – they are totally separate.

When your number comes, go in the back door and turn right. The first room on the right is where they will take your picture/finger print/signature and then give you your documents. You can also wait in here if there is room.

If you don’t beat the crowd, and get a high number, be advised that they process around 20 people per hour. So, if you get number 31 like I did, go and get breakfast then come back.

Also, if you aren’t used to queuing like me, you’ll notice that people who give up or can’t wait, will put their ticket number back on the ticket dispenser. They do this so that someone with a higher number can shorten their wait time. So, check the ticket dispenser from time to time if you have a long wait.