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Norwegian Visa for Canadians

As a Canadian, there are a few ways you can obtain travel documents in order to visit Norway for longer than a short visit.

Utlendingsdirektoratet 01 300x163 Norwegian Visa for Canadians

Canada-Norway — Tourist Visa

Firstly – anyone, of any age, who has Canadian citizenship can visit Norway for up to 3 months at a time as a tourist. After those 3 months, you must leave the country for 3 months. You can visit any other country, including Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, for those 3 months (all Scandinavian countries have the 3 month visit limit for tourists), and then you can return to Norway for another 3 months.

Canada-Norway — Working Holiday for Young People

Secondly – if you are a Canadian of or under the age of 35, you can obtain a Working Holiday for Young People visa. This allows you to get a bank account in Norway, which in turn allows you to rent a flat and get a job if you need one. There are 5 types of Working Holiday for Young People visas, but all are mostly the same – you just specify what you will be doing in Norway.

For a full list click here: UDI Application for Working Holidays

Update: Approval Letter

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