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First Day of School – Folkeuniversitetet Språkskole

folkeuniversitetet First Day of School   Folkeuniversitetet Språkskole

Yesterday was my first day of school. Folkeuniversitetet is spread out over several buildings. The one above is the registration office. The next photo is where language school actually takes place.

folkeuniversitetet 002 300x224 First Day of School   Folkeuniversitetet Språkskole

I was surprised to find another Canadian in the class. There are about 16 people in total. 5 people from Poland, 2 Canadians, 1 American, 1 Spaniard, 1 Filipino, on person from Wales, and 1 Australian. Equal number of girls/guys. Everyone is pretty friendly. The teacher, Eli, is great as well. She of course wanted to know why a person with a Norwegian name was taking a class to improve their Norwegian. Wasn’t the first time a Norwegian has thought I was strange! I’ve noticed that people can’t usually tell that I am not from here, which is a good thing I think. I had the same thing at school registration and when renting my apartment. People seem fascinated that I have a Norwegian name, but am not from here.

School Books

If you go to Norli in the Galleriet (bookstore in the big mall downtown) with your letter from the school (the letter that says you’ve been accepted), they will give you 10% off the course books. One book that they didn’t give me, and I have to go back for today is the Norsk Nå Ordlist, which is basically a vocabulary translation of all the words in the textbook. It comes in many languages.

Anyways, the course books are called Norsk Nå! (Norwegian Now!) and all the books for level A1 and A2 cost around kr 1200 (or $200 CDN), comes with a CD of all the course material.


Also, I found out that at the end of A2, you can take the Norskprøve 2 exam, which certifies you at a medium level of fluency. This is not the same as the Norskprøve 3 which you can take after B1, or the Bergenstest which shows total fluency.

Also, to apply for a permanent residence, you must complete 600 hours of these classes. I’m not sure yet if the exams exempt you from this long requirement.